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What We Do

United Coalition of Affirming Africans

Build and strengthen integrated coalitions of professionals and grassroots LGBTI communities working on faith-inspired campaigns that influence pro-LGBTI culture change

East Africa Affirming Congregations

Faith activists across East Africa have partnered with FORWARD TOGETHER to create progressive congregations which are dramatically altering the Christian landscape and mobilizing advocacy in their region. These ministries are a beacon of hope for LGBTI people and a home base for progressive believers and allies. They are an incubator for queer and allied affirming leaders to gain stature and social capital as change makers for Africa’s inclusive future.

Congo Tomorrow: Pro-LGBTI Youth and Community Advocacy

Is a social justice initiative seeking to inspire Congolese youth to seize a future of Pan African peace, power and prosperity. Congo Tomorrow celebrates the sacredness of the female body, reimagines masculine power, embraces LGBTI people, and promotes economic justice. In year one we have trained and engaged over 250 youth, and brought together over 1000 Christians in worship to support this generation in transformation.

East Africa LGBTI Media Advocacy

FORWARD TOGETHER in East Africa has championed media properties to transform public understanding about the existence and genuine “African” identity of queer people. Our media work is composed of: self-produced radio programs, press conferences, and sensitivity training for journalists.

In Kenya, FORWARD TOGETHER affiliated clergy host Thoughtful Thursdays, a radio segment featured on the morning show on Ghetto Radio, a station that dominates the youth audience. Affirming clergy discuss the issues of the day with full dignity for sexual minorities as a major theme.

In Rwanda, LGBTI and affirming civil society advocates fully produce a 60-minute radio program, Forward Together, which is a bi-monthly talk show on City Radio advocating for LGBTI inclusion.

FORWARD TOGETHER leaders in East Africa have set a new bar for courage, as they have persevered through hostile comments from listeners, and suspicion from media executives. Indeed, these leaders are the hope of an LGBTI inclusive Africa.

Pride Events – Rwanda National Pride

In 2017, Rwandan activists hosted their first national pride conference and celebration, Forward Together 2018. Forward Together is a now an annual celebration of the resilience, creativity, vision, and collaborations of the Rwandan LGBTI community.

Forward Together features:

Civil Society and Civic Leaders: LGBTI Sensitivity Training

TFAM in Rwanda convenes quarterly meetings with local government officials and leaders. TFAM DRC Goma convenes quarterly meetings with local police and faith leaders. The meetings are a time to (1) provide LGBTI sensitivity training and (2) to check in regarding the on-going work of the LGBTI community in support of the community per our submitted goals as a legally registered entity. These forums have been effective and instrumental in creating a good working relationship with local leaders who in turn are supportive of LGBTI dignity and safety in the local areas that have large LGBTI populations. At the last Rwanda Pride event, there were over 12-local leaders in attendance.

Academics: LGBTI Research Projects

The question of homosexuality being “un-African” is a central matter to be addressed in addressing the nature and nuances of resistance to sexual fluidity and gender identity. We partner with seasoned academics to do primary research that is blended with findings from secondary research.

In Rwanda in 2018-19 the Academics we worked with provide training to LGBTI leaders who work as Research Assistants and actually implement the research surveys and qualitative sessions. This blend of qualitative and quantitative research captures an assessment of the general attitudes and social disposition of Rwandans about LGBTI existence within their society. Importantly the research will also mine for the multiple factors, which inform their perceptions.

Progressive Theological Education

Theological education in Africa has been dominated by conservative forces. Since 2010, TFAM Global has worked with more than one thousand clergy and LGBTI faith leaders to engage perspectives, which encourage thoughtful consideration of context in assessing the modern-day application of scriptures.

TFAM Global is working to create a certified institute for progressive theology in East Africa that changes the landscape of Christianity across the region and creates a pipeline for progressive thought leadership in Africa.

Womanist Leadership Institute

EMPOWERMENT: We are supporting educational opportunities for women in East Africa and are working with them to develop models of empowered leadership in ministry. We use a Womanist lens locating female leadership in the biblical text and in the story of freedom today.