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Press Hits

Gay Pastor optimistic ahead of same sex ruling in Kenya featured on AEF TV

Congo Tomorrow and Bishop Tolton featured on Mishapi Voice TV Goma, DRC Celebrating inclusion and Pan Africanism

LGBT Churchgoers in Kenya pray for Change featured on AFP TV

Kenyan 100-Clergy March featured on Njata TV

CAC LGBTI congregation featured on VOA (Voice of America)

TFAM Rwanda featured on TV1 Kigali

CAC LGBTI Church Kenya featured on K24 Tv: Kenya gays in the pulpit

Panafrican rally for Peace & Prosperity in Nairobi, Kenya featured on AAFA

Kenyan LGBTI leaders featured on K24 Tv

Bishop Tolton featured on Good Morning Kenya, KBC TV Kenya

Kenyan 100-Clergy march

Kenyan LGBTI leaders featured on K24 Tv